Our university hosts international guests at Süleymaniye Campus

The “Safina Retreat” visit organized by Madrasah (Germany) included 70 participants from Germany, Austria, and Sweden. On the second day of the visit, the group stopped by our Süleymaniye Campus to be welcomed by our Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences Prof. Bilal Aybakan.

Prof. Aybakan gave our guests a historical introduction about the Süleymaniye Camii and its complex. After a brief overview about the construction and central figures linked with this important site, he explained how the Ibn Haldun University is trying to revive the lost heritage of the 600 years old tradition of bringing forth a distinguished Islamic scholarship.

The group was given a guided tour through the Süleymaniye Madrasa, the workspace of Shaykh al-Islam Ebu Su’ud Efendi, and they gathered together to meet other professors in the Dar al-Qurra.