Peace and Conflict Studies

With its rich research facilities in research centers, IHU is committed to provide solutions to the problems experienced in our country, region and on a global scale and to implement values survive in the future. In this sense, our research centers initiate and maintain research projects in various fields and disciplines providing them professional expertise and consultancy services. In this context, our research centers develop cooperation with public institutions and private sector as well as NGOs and international organizations.

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at IHU; a) to create a proficient center in Turkey and on an international level; b) to provide access to the information of research and studies related to conflict analysis and peace studies, international relations, political science and modern Turkey for the undergraduate and graduate students of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and other faculties. C) to support research and academic publications and conduct in-depth studies in the areas of Turkey’s political, cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic problems, D) The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at IHU, together with the Political Science, History and Sociology Departments as well as the School of Law, has been founded to conduct in-depth research into the ethnic, religious, cultural, political or socio-economic sources of such conflicts, and to support and sustain related academic publishing activities, E) support a variety of educational activities at all levels for the development of peace  culture and reconciliation in Turkey and to participate in national and international cooperation on these issues, F) continue its studies that it was founded for and share the produced results of researches through reports, conferences, various academic publications, visual and printed media with the public opinion of the country and the world and with the political production institutions as well.

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