Philosophy, Religion and Science Workshop Held in Süleymaniye Campus

The workshop titled “Studies of Muslim and Christian Scholars on Philosophy, Religion and Science” organized by Ibn Haldun University (IHU) was held at our Süleymaniye Campus on March 9-12. In the workshop, Muslim and Christian scholars shared their research on contemporary issues and related problems from the perspective of philosophy and theology.

The workshop chaired by each of Assist. Prof. Enis Doko, Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu, Head of the Department of Philosophy at IHU, and Professor Kelly James Clark from the US Grand Valley State University included sessions on philosophy, religion and science.

In the first session of the event, Professor Kelly James Clark gave a speech titled “Religion and Violence: This is Why We Fight.” In his speech Clark pointed out the strong relationship between philosophy and social sciences, and he stated that disputes should be resolved through dialogue. “Making a sweeping statement ‘generalization’ increases prejudices between us. All Muslims and Christians around the world are not the same and do not think the same way,” said Clark.

The workshop, lasted for four days, witnessed contributions of scholars and academics from different cultural and scientific circles from USA, Pakistan, Morocco and India.

At the “Studies of Muslim and Christian Scholars on Philosophy, Religion and Science” workshop, each of Professor Kelly James Clark, Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu and Assist. Prof. Enis Doko, Assist. Prof. Betül Avcı from IHU and Jamie Turner, Abbas Ahsan from Birmingham University, Daniel Rubio from Princeton University, Mehmet Özketen from Middle East Technical University (METU), Nur from New York City University, Banu Şimşek, Samuel Murray from Duke University, Simple Zafar from Ankara University, Hayden Stephan from Saint Louis University, Chafik Graiguer from the Ministry of Education of Morocco, Sumaiyah Ahmed from Jamia Hamdard University and Ayşe Yaşar Umut from the University of Necmettin Erbakan, gave presentations.

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