Psychosocial Support Group Established Within the Scope of COVID-19 Measures

“IHU Psychosocial Support Group” has been established by Ibn Haldun University in order to plan and announce the psychosocial precautions related to COVID-19 and also to provide information on the subject. With the collaboration of IPAM and REDAM and the support of General Secretariat, International Office, SKS Office and the School of Languages, it aims to take action on the psychosocial support during this period.


All recommendations and studies from IHU Psychosocial Support Group will be announced to the university members via this email address ( Furthermore, there will be posts shared on social media accounts of IPAM and REDAM, and information will be provided on the university’s website regarding this issue.


The unit consists of the Psychosocial Support Team and the Material Production Team. The Psychosocial Support Team will operate individual interviews, group training, and activities. The Material Production Team will share written and video materials to provide psychosocial support.


Our team has started to work on providing social support, psychological counseling, and clinical support in order to facilitate adaptation to these unusual conditions caused by COVID-19. During this process, those who want to benefit from the support activities can reach out to us via our email: or IPAM and REDAM’s phone numbers and email addresses.


We wish everyone healthy and peaceful days with their loved ones.


For application:


IPAM Whatsapp line: 0538 394 99 42


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