Real Estate and Infrastructure Research

With its rich research facilities in research centers, IHU is committed to provide sustainable solutions to the problems experienced in our country, region and on a global scale. In this sense, our research centers initiate and maintain research projects in various fields and disciplines providing them with professional expertise and consultancy services. In this context, our research centers develop cooperation with public institutions and private sector as well as NGOs and international organizations.

Turkey has been going through rapid yet uneven urbanization, frequently jumping from one bottleneck to the next over the past six or seven decades. All aspects of economic, social or cultural growth and development, as well as of infrastructure building are in need of highly qualified human resources. In conjunction with the Departments of Management and Economics, IHU’s Center for Real Estate and Infrastructure Research proposes to tackle that gap, to promote public and private sector collaboration, and to supply this whole booming field with expertise plus advisory and project services up to high national and international standards.

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