Research Centers

In addition to its main bodies of undergraduate and graduate instruction, Ibn Haldun University has been setting up and running a number of special centers in order to develop and sustain research projects in various fields and disciplines, to complement them with professional expertise and advisory services; and to promote cooperative networks with both public and private sector as well as non-governmental or international organizations.

Center for Continuing Education

The Bakırköy-Taş Mektep building houses IHU’s Center for Continuing Education, which embodies a philosophy of life-long learning directed to sharing the University’s store of knowledge and experience with — and serving the educational needs of — a broader community.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

Higher education is strongly achievementoriented, which, together with career and employment uncertainties, can severely test students’ resilience and stamina, giving rise to strains and stresses of all kinds. IHU’s Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, working hand-in-glove with both the School of Education and the Department of Psychology, provides discreet professional help and social support for all language prep, undergraduate and graduate students in the face of any social, mental or emotional problems that they might encounter in the course of their studies.

Center for Curriculum Studies

Working in tandem with the School of Education, the Center for Curriculum Studies at IHU provides support and guidance for all other units in methods of developing undergraduate and graduate degree programs and curricula, as well as a rich variety of educational materials and learning resources. Additionally, for every phase or aspect of k+12 primary and secondary education, it conducts research into ways and possibilities of combining the legacy and cumulative experience of Turkish and Islamic civilization with contemporary educational science and technology-supported teaching methods.

Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies

Hiding inside the nooks and crannies of modern Turkey’s complex history are many topics of special interest that have been at least unconsciously neglected, or in some cases even deliberately suppressed, in line with shifting ideo-political exigencies. The Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies is dedicated to exploring and shedding light on such subterranean narratives in the interest of scholarly emancipation. It proposes to investigate and interrogate the official or unofficial histories of ethnic, religious, social, ideological or professional groups, the history of human settlements, urban development, and architectural construction, or of firms, banks, industries and other enterprises — thereby contributing to rewriting modern Turkish history through a multiplicity of agents, actors and voices.

Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Paradoxically, with the collapse of communism and the dismantling of the relative stability once provided, albeit at draconian cost, by Cold War polarizations, a new generation of autonomous domestic, local and regional conflicts has emerged in the Balkans, the Middle East, and North Africa, surrounding Turkey with major security threats on all sides. The Centerfor Peace and Conflict Studies at IHU, together with the Political Science, History and Sociology Departments as well as the School of Law, has been founded to conduct in-depth research into the ethnic, religious, cultural, political or socio-economic sources of such conflicts, and to support and sustain related academic publishing activities.

Center for Real Estate and Infrustructure Research

Turkey has been going through rapid yet uneven urbanization, frequently jumping from one bottleneck to the next, over the past six or seven decades. All aspects of economic, social or cultural growth and development, as well as of infrastructure building, are in need of highly qualified human resources. In conjunction with the Departments of Management and Economics, IHU’s Center for Real Estate and Infrastructure Research proposes to tackle that gap, to promote public and private sector collaboration, and to supply this whole booming field with expertise plus advisory and project services up to high national and international standards.

Center for Turkish Language Instruction

In conformity with IHU’s policy of trilingualism, the Center for Turkish Language Instruction oversees Modern Turkish courses for all undergraduates and graduate students, while also promoting Turkish language and culture on an international scale.