Summer Program of Istanbul School Started

The Summer Program of Istanbul School started holding its first seminars and excursions on Monday, June 28, at the Darülkurra Madrasa of the Süleymaniye Campus. The Istanbul School, which aims at publicizing Istanbul at a multidimensional level by highlighting the cultural, artistic, historical, social and economic life of the city, continues till July 14.

The program, in which 25 undergraduate and graduate students from Ibn Haldun University (IHU) are entitled to participate, publicizes the city of Istanbul to the participants chronologically and thematically. In the first week, Istanbul is covered chronologically from Byzantium to the Republic era. While the second and third weeks will include discussing themes such as spiritual life, social structure, economy, science, technology, media, environment, art and education in the city. In addition, seminars, excursions and visits to institutions in the city will be conducted.

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate of participation.




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