The Opening Ceremony of 2019-2020 Academic Year Witnesses Broad Participation

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) held the Opening Ceremony for the 2019-2020 academic year on September 23, 2019, at the Başakşehir Campus. The ceremony, started with singing the Turkish National Anthem, witnessed broad participation of IHU academic and administrative staff, IHU students and their families.

“Our mission is to wave the flag of Intellectual Independence”

Reminding that this is the 3rd Opening Ceremony for the university, President of Ibn Haldun University Prof. Recep Şentürk, underlined that both the academic and the administrative staff of the university had managed to go through a very successful stage in the past two years and added, “We are entering the new academic year with 1300 students, 364 of whom are new students. More than 60 percent of these students are graduate students. As a research university, our goal is to maintain 75 percent of our maximum capacity 5,000 students to be graduate students. According to the latest report released by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (CoHE), we are a private university that invests the most in its students.”

Asking these questions, “Why are we here? What are we doing and what is our purpose?” Prof. Şentürk continued his speech as follows: “I want to explain these questions based on our vision, mission and values. Our mission is to wave the flag of intellectual independence against the Eurocentric, positivist and materialist approaches that dominate the world today. ‘Intellectual Independence’, ‘Comparative Education’, ‘Innovation Through Tradition’, ‘Open Civilization’, ‘Multi-lingual Education’, ‘Global Competition’ and ‘Chivalry’ are within our core values, we want to deliver a vision of civilization. Our goal is to educate researchers who have a say in the world of social sciences and to develop new paradigms. For this, we provide education in 3 languages. According to our perception, English represents the Western world, Arabic, represents Islamic countries and civilization, Turkish is the key to the future.”

“Joining Ibn Haldun University’s family indicates your high idealism”

Our Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan delivered a short speech at the opening ceremony. Highlighting that IHU is aware of the fact that it is at the beginning of a long-term journey as a university, Erdoğan said that the preference of our new students, as individuals with high ideals, for Ibn Haldun University’s family is an indication of their willingness to be a shareholder of the high ideals of Ibn Haldun University.

“You will lead your societies to the absolute goodness and to the absolute beauty”

The last to address the audiences at the welcoming speeches was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees professor Irfan Gündüz. Professor Gündüz stated, “As university administration, we consider our students that came from 74 countries as trusts, “When you graduate, you will be the leaders to the communities you belong to, you will lead them to the absolute goodness, absolute beauty, every one of you will be a leader.” Recalling that our new students are in a university that set out to envision a new civilization, Gündüz stressed out that this participative generation who loves each other will reinforce the brotherhood that we are longing for.

“Make the most of your teachers and make the most of your time by focusing on every moment to keep pace with the developing and changing world. Also, be aware of the social, cultural and historical accumulation that Istanbul offers to you,” Gündüz recommended.

IHU academicians awarded

Ibn Haldun University’s opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 academic year continued with the awarding of faculty members who displayed remarkable academic performance last year. Be deemed worthy of awards, Vice Dean of School of Education and faculty member of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department Assist. Prof. Munirah Mohamed Alaboudi, faculty member of Psychology Department Assist. Prof. Belkıs Nilgün Öcal and Professor of Political Science and International Relations Prof. Erik Ringmar, received their awards respectively from President of Ibn Haldun University Prof. Recep Şentürk, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ibn Haldun university Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, the Vice President of Ibn Haldun University Prof. Fuat Erdal.

Inaugural Lecture: “The Place of Culture in a Globalized World”

Prof. Erik Ringmar, a Lecturer at the Political Science and International Relations Department of Ibn Haldun University, delivered an inaugural lecture titled “The Place of Culture in a Globalized World”. Professor Ringmar addressed the subject in the context of conceptual framework of “how to think about self and other in a globalized World”. He stressed out that this is the “war of culture” inside a globalized world. Ringmar clarified, “Globalization it is ‘connectedness’, we become connected to each other, we are close to each other we are at the same global market, we are interacting in the same global environment and in order to be successful in this environment, you have to compete in the same way and this is the only way to survive and this is the risk; the cultures are destroyed, we are becoming more and more alike, the world is becoming homogenous” according to Ringmar.

Prof. Ringmar introduced the Muslim expansion, after the death of prophet Muhammed, as a good example for the possibility to combine culture and civilization. “They expanded to the Middle East, North Africa, China, then the Muslim army found themselves in the middle of friends. The Arab armies spread the culture by building ‘bridges’ connecting societies to each other, they connected china with India, India with Persia and had protected the culture of these societies”. Prof. Ringmar added that minority groups can live in majority population by building up a niche for themselves, “This is how the culture can survive in a globalized world” Ringmar concluded.

“We are always beside our students”

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Secretary General of Ibn Haldun University Erkam Tüzgen spoke to the attendants. He introduced the heads of the administrative departments to the attendants and expressed that they will be always beside the students. Pointing out that Ibn Haldun University sees students as companions, Tüzgen said, “We see you as our new friends, new friends who joined us after a deep breath three-years-old journey.” He ended his speech wishing the students a great new academic year.

After the speeches, Ibn Haldun University’s opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 academic year continued with the activities and orientation programs that aims at getting the students acquainted with the professors.


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