Turkish Music Maqam and Form Lessons Start

Art, Culture and Sport Department organizes “Turkish Music Maqam and Form Lessons” in order to increase the awareness of Turkish traditional music. With the series of events planned to be conducted weekly, it is also aimed to better understand Turkish music, one of Turkey’s most important cultural heritage.

Certificate of Attendance Will Be Issued

In the online seminars that are planned to last 22 weeks, the Turkish music tonal system, the definition and descriptions of the maqams will be covered, and the musical forms will be explained theoretically and exemplified. After introducing the current tonal system used in Turkish music, a description of maqams will be made under the main headings of simple maqams and Şed maqams. Turkish music forms will be examined and exemplified under the main headings of “Religious and secular forms”.

On the other hand, participants who attend the lessons regularly will be granted a Certificate of Attendance and important books on Turkish music will be awarded to participants who attain the 3 top percentages of participation.

For detailed information and application for the lessons to be held in Turkish language, see here.

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