• Focus on Social Sciences

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) is fully focused on social sciences.

  • Strong Academic Staff

Ibn Haldun University has an internationally competitive academic staff that is experienced in all fields of human and social sciences.

  • Interdisciplinary Fundamentals

All undergraduate students at IHU are encountering the same basic core curriculum and a multiple of compulsory courses in natural sciences, comparative methodologies, History of Turkey and the world, Art and literature of Turkey and the world.

  • Comparative Education

A principle of education that teaches not only western social concepts and theories, but also teaches the approaches and accumulations of other civilizations with equal respect, is among the fundamental values of a new social science education that will cultivate the perception of our students according to the ideal of intellectual independence.

The comparative approach of education is to be aware of the accumulation of the civilization that we belong to, recognize the scientific, cultural and artistic accumulation of world civilizations from their own sources then passing them through a filter of critical approach and finally, contribute to the development of awareness.

  • Identity of A Research University

Research methods and techniques have an important place in the education and nurturing processes of IHU even at undergraduate level. Ibn Haldun University aims to graduate students having skills of research methods and techniques, and to contribute to the social sciences literature through its institutes and research centers.

  • An International Social Network

With a 30% carefully-selected outstanding international students, IHU is a global university.

  • Multilingual Education

Our students need to master a certain level of English, Turkish and Arabic languages at undergraduate and graduate levels (or another language prescribed by their program). In addition to these 3 languages, other eastern languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Farsi and western languages such as Malay German, French and Spanish, that will create the foundations for the accumulation of world civilizations, are also optionally offered.

  • One to One Language Education

Our language school, which integrates all the technological and pedagogical facilities of the 21st century, conducts a communicative approach with content-oriented curricula in the 10-15 student’s classrooms, created to achieve the highest performance in teaching.

  • A Campus Environment Where You Can Practice the Language You Learn

One of the unique features of Ibn Haldun University is that our students find themselves in an intense international student environment where they can speak the language they learn.

  • Outstanding Students

One of the foundation goals of our university, which admits 150 undergraduate students each year, is to have up to one-third of its undergraduates and half of the graduates from well selected international students.


  • 7/24 Open Library

Our university’s library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, responding to all kinds of information needs and providing uninterrupted access to resources.

  • Study Abroad

Through its partners in Washington DC and London, IHU offers its students the opportunity to pursue part of their education abroad.

  • Internship and Career Opportunities

Our students receive significant support by our career counseling system since their first days in IHU. Through various activities, they contact and communicate with leading companies and eminent institutions in every field.

  • Research University

As a research university in the social sciences, IHU is mainly a graduate university, which gives special importance to the Master’s and PhD programs. As of 2018-2019 Spring Semester, 59% of our students are M.A. and Ph.D. students.

  • Comprehensive Scholarship and Academic Experience Opportunity

There are comprehensive scholarship opportunities at IHU and graduate students are offered the opportunity of research or teaching assistantship.

  • Preparation for Global Competition

The undergraduate and graduate students of IHU will be equipped for global competition in their departments.

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