With the 2nd Commencement Days, IHU Graduates Hold Their Places Among Those Who Will Manage the Future

The “2nd Commencement Days” ceremony of Ibn Haldun University was held on October 24 at the complex of the University. Due to the global pandemic, the ceremony was attended by graduates, a limited number of academics from each school and guest.
The activities held within the scope of the 2nd Commencement Days were also broadcast live on IHU’s corporate Youtube account (https://www.youtube.com/ibnhalduni).
Starting with a closing lecture delivered by the faculty member of the School of History Professor Suraiya Faroqhi on Friday, October 23, the “2nd Commencement Days” continued with a Diploma Ceremony on Saturday, October 24.
An academic chosen by students will be giving the closing lecture in the future Commencement Days
At the opening remarks, President of Ibn Haldun University Professor Recep Şentürk said that students will elect an academic on the commencement days to deliver the closing lecture every year. He added that for the current year Professor Suraiya Faroqhi, who is considered one of the leading Ottoman historians in the world and who devoted her life to science, was elected to be the first speechmaker in the commencement days.

Opening Remarks of the 2nd Commencement Ceremony and the Closing Lecture of Prof. Suraiya Faroqhi:

“The Real Scholar Is a Person Who Speaks Knowingly and Lives Knowingly”
Advising our graduates to keep themselves busy with reality and truth, good and beautiful things, as well as the value of time, Board of Trustees Head Professor Gündüz said that today people are doomed to lose if they do not improve themselves constantly. He underlined that the true scholar is a person who lives deliberately, speaks deliberately and looks deliberately. Professor Gündüz stressed out that IHU’s graduates should deepen themselves in the way of science and concluded his speech by expressing his wishes of success to the graduates.
“Our graduates held a place among those who will manage the future”
After the speech of the graduate student of the Business Administration Master’s Program (with thesis) Mariam Yasmin, degree conferral ceremony started. The Director of Graduate Education Institute Prof. Rasim Özcan stated that graduates of Ibn Haldun University are not among individuals who take passive roles in an order shaped by a small group, but among those who will manage the future. During the ceremony, graduates received their diplomas respectively from the hands of Dean of School of Communication Prof. İzzet Bozkurt, faculty member of the School of Educational Sciences Prof. Sefa Bulut, faculty member of the Alliance of Civilizations Institute Dr. Ercüment Asil, Head of Philosophy Department Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu and Dean of School of Management Prof. Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz.
Following the conferral ceremony, the 2nd Commencement Days of Ibn Haldun University ended with the Graduation Speech of Professor Tahsin Görgün titled “Question of Truth and the Mission of the University” and the tradition of throwing graduation caps.
Diploma Ceremony:



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