Positive Psychology: The Path of WellBeing

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Event: Positive Psychology: The Path of WellBeing (International Students Only)

Dates: Every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weeks / 13.00-14.00

First Session: 11 April 2020, Saturday / 13.00-14.00

Platform: Zoom Video Conferencing

Event Details:

Positive Psychology is a treasure trove of practices, attitudes and emotional states that have repeatedly been found to lead to greater psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction.
Join Dr. Senem Eren on a 6-session positive psychology program that draws on neuroscience, mindfulness practices and evidenced-based interventions to cultivate a more positive mindset and help you flourish in challenging times.
Registration is mandatory for participation. To register fill out the form completely: bit.ly/IhuPositivePsy
The event lasts 3 weeks and 6 sessions in total. Regular attendance is expected. People who do not participate in ‘Hangout Sessions with IHU Clinical Psychology Grads’, can sign up.
The participation is free of charge.

Etkinlik Tarihi ve Saati

11.04.2020 13:00 - 14:00

Etkinlik Yeri

Zoom Video Conferencing

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