SDG 10: Reducing Inequalities

Ibn Haldun University, while holding itself to a highly competitive standard, prides itself on holding its doors open to the world regardless of the background or creed of the individual. Over 29% of our students hail from developing countries and many of our education programs are designed with the ethos of an “Open Civilization” worldview, where no single hegemonic mode of thinking is allowed to dominate.

Disability Facilities

The “Disabled Student Unit” was established on February 3, 2018, in accordance with Article 11 of the Higher Education Institutions Disabled Counseling and Coordination Regulation. It offers Disability Support Services with the physical space on campus accomodating the needs of all disabled and differently-abled people. Our transportation services, library, club activities, culture, and sports programs are designed to be disabled-friendly.


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Educational programs as hubs for social integration and regional cooperation for refugee children

Gender Wage Gap and International Trade: Evidence from Turkey’s Manufacturing Sector

Constructing Islam, gender, and class: Everyday experiences of veiled Muslim women in the public sphere of Istanbul

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