SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Growing challenges are inflicting cities with respect to congestion, adequate housing provision, air quality, and infrastructure along with rapid changes in the built environment that are challenging the very fabric of social communities as well as social heritage. Istanbul is one of the many cities facing these challenges. At Ibn Haldun University, our goal is to offer a sense of community to our staff and students along with economic security. In terms of affordable housing, this need is met for both students and staff with free shuttle services to dormitories for students that are well-catered and very affordable. In terms of public access, our library allows the general public to register for free and to access the building and gain the benefits of our research.

Our approach towards the preservation of heritage is illustrated by our multi-lingual education policy, giving instruction in three languages (Arabic, Turkish, and English). The Alliance of Civilizations Institute offers a multidimensional approach for conceiving regional and global issues, where conventional disciplinary approaches proved insufficient. The Institute has also been involved in an international TUBITAK project titled “Ecological reasoning and decision making in innovation-oriented industry sectors at the periphery of Europe: Reconciling divergent values and interests”.


Ibn Haldun University supports the project of #SıfırAtık “zero waste”

Ibn Haldun University supports the project launched in Turkey a long time ago by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization under the slogan of “Join #SıfırAtık for a greener and cleaner world!” In this context, the IHU Green Campus project aims to reinforce the reuse of the recycles of the university, with the zero waste logic, after processing it by the appropriate methods.

The 5. Business Workshop Series organized by Ibn Haldun University School of Business took place in Borsa İstanbul. The joint program aimed to discuss the importance of Independent Auditing for Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

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