SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Ibn Haldun University values the protection of the environment as well as the elimination of wasteful practices on campus. In 2019, over 15.468,30 kilograms of waste were recycled from our university in strict conformance with the Zero Waste policy enacted by the Turkish government. Our private caterers also ensure that food is sourced ethically along with all other supply partners acting in conformance with zero waste policy guidelines.

Green Events Programme

With Green Events, we target to think and to discuss green issues, environmental pollution, climate change, respecting biological diversity, to reorganize consumption habits, to live in harmony with nature, to care for endangered species, and to build a green and sustainable environment.

Previously on Green Events, we have watched The 11th Hour documentary, walked around The Topkapı Walls whilst removing rubbish from the historical site, explored forests near Istanbul, visited Zeytinburnu Garden of Medicinal Plants, and made balm.


Gölgeci, I., Karakas, F., & Tatoğlu, E. (2019). Understanding demand and supply paradoxes and their role in business-to-business firms. Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 78, pp 169-180. DOI:

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