SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Ibn Haldun University is well-equipped with the strong foundations necessary to help deal with the growing challenges of insecurity, human rights violations, displacement of people, corruption, and other forms of injustice in our globalized world.

Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

With its rich research facilities in research centers, IHU is committed to provide solutions to the problems experienced in our country, region, and on a global scale and to implement values to survive in the future. In this sense, our research centers initiate and maintain research projects in various fields and disciplines providing them professional expertise and consultancy services. In this context, our research centers develop cooperation with public institutions and private sector as well as NGOs and international organizations.

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at IHU; a) to create a proficient center in Turkey and on an international level; b) to provide access to the information of research and studies related to conflict analysis and peace studies, international relations, political science and modern Turkey for the undergraduate and graduate students of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and other faculties.

An example of some of the initiatives undertaken by the Center was a Workshop on “Humanitarian Diplomacy and Peacebuilding”, held between October – December 2019, in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent relief agency. An academic co-operation protocol was also signed between the two organizations.

International Law And Human Rights Training Center

In our center, whose short name is UHAM, research projects in the field of international law and human rights are carried out and supported, along with the preparation of reports and projects. In addition to this, our center closely follows cutting-edge international legislation on international law and human rights, increasing the knowledge and experience of academicians, lawyers, and sector employees working in the field of international law and human rights on the relevant legislation and implementation practice.

Courses and Programmes

At our Alliance of Civilizations Institute, the Ethics of Global Civil Society and Politics course invites students to explore the extent to which norms, interests, identities, and cultures can use the tools of civil society to have an impact on global politics. Within this framework, the students are expected to observe and assess the changes in theories of international relations and contemporary social theories. It also aims to address the different topics related to civility on the global level, advocacy for issues across borders, and the struggles for justice and equality.

The aim of our Ethics Studies Application and Research Center is; to gather the academic research and publication activities related to the ethical problems of the disciplines such as business, philosophy, communication, Islamic sciences, political science and international relations, under the roof of a multidisciplinary research and application center. Thanks to this center, notable studies in business ethics and studies in fields such as bioethics, media ethics, political ethics, religion-ethics relations, could be coordinated more easily. The common goal of these studies is to support the development of principles that are shaped around the universal ethical consciousness in all areas of social life starting from the university.

Our sociology department also runs two courses on Migration and Refugees as well as Citizenship and Human Rights.

Protocols signed with local government partners

1. Cooperation Protocol on Fight Against Addiction between Bağcılar District Directorate of National Education and IHU

2.Başakşehir District Directorate of National Education and IHU Cooperation Education social and scientific cooperation protocol

3. Cooperation Protocol between Esenler Municipality and IHU


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