SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

The psychological and mental health of students is an increasingly challenging prospect not only in Turkey but in many countries around the world. At Ibn Haldun University, one of our values derives from the Islamic concept of “Futuwwa” which can be regarded as a code of chivalry. It is a principle that reflects values that all faiths and persuasions can embrace, such as altruism and the sacrifice of self-interest, assistance, philanthropy, sacrifice for the good of others, and so forth. We believe that building a university community on authentically-rooted values can help promote a balanced student life. In addition, our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Application and Research Center (REDAM) aims to support the academic, social, and personal development of all our students. The services are conducted in line with ethical and confidentiality principles with free seminars and workshops for all students. For a small fee, dedicated psychological support sessions are also provided.

In terms of general health, IHU staff can be examined free of charge at contracted hospitals. Staff also have a one-time fee-control opportunity in a local eye care institution. Our university also has sports facilities with free access to all secondary and high school students in the local region.


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