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Comparative Education

Comparative approach is a unique and genuine feature of Ibn Haldun University.

Comparative approach is a unique and genuine feature of Ibn Haldun University. The comparative approach of education is to be aware of the accumulation of the civilization that we belong to, recognize the scientific, cultural and artistic accumulation of world civilizations from their own sources then passing them through a filter of critical approach and finally, contribute to the development of awareness. Thus, one of the most important requirements of intellectual production will be fulfilled.

The process introduced in the last two centuries in our country under the name of “Modernization” and “Progressive” is essentially the process of making the people of this country dependent on the worldwide dominant paradigms. This process is mostly carried out by the currently existing university system, which does not produce science itself, but imports ideas and methods.

Fundamentals of New Social Science Education: Comparative Approach

Ibn Haldun University is not only a university that conveys imported theories and ideas to its students, it is also a university that produces knowledge and its own delivered thoughts. It has been established not only to adopt imported ideas but also to be a university that nurture students with the ability of criticizing these imported ideas and produce their own ideas. A principle of education that teaches not only western social concepts and theories, but also teaches the approaches and accumulations of other civilizations with equal respect, is among the fundamental values of a new social science education that will cultivate the perception of our students according to the ideal of intellectual independence.

Ibn Haldun University; a science environment where each of Freud and al-Ghazali, Marx, Adam Smith and Ibn Khaldun, both modern thinkers and traditional accumulation are introduced and compared, it has the identity of a science environment in which original thoughts flourish by looking to the world through many different windows.