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According to Article 5 of the Regulation on Academic Organization in Universities, the Senate is chaired by the President and consists of vice-presidents, deans, one faculty member from each faculty to be elected by the faculty boards for three years, and the directors of institutes and colleges affiliated to the Office of the president. The Senate convenes at least twice a year, at the beginning and end of each academic year. The President calls the senate to a meeting when deemed necessary.

Duties: The Senate is the academic body of the university and performs the following duties:

  1. To take decisions on the principles of the university's education, scientific research and publication activities,
  2. To prepare or comment on draft laws and regulations concerning the whole university,
  3. To prepare the regulations related to the university or units of the university, which will be published in the Official Gazete after the approval of the President,
  4. To examine and decide on the annual education program and calendar of the University.
  5. To award honorary academic titles that are not subject to an examination and to decide on the proposals of the faculty boards on this matter,
  6. To examine and decide on objections to the decisions of the faculty boards and the boards of institutes and colleges affiliated to the office of the president,
  7. To elect members to the university executive board,
  8. To perform other duties assigned tothem by laws and regulations.

Senate Members

Name Surname Title
Prof. Dr. Atilla ARKAN Rector / Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences / Dean of the Faculty of Law
Prof. Dr. Ali YEŞİLIRMAK Vice Rector / Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal YILMAZ Vice Rector / Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences
Prof. Dr. Ali Osman KUŞAKCI Institute of Graduate Studies Institute Director
Assoc. Prof. Vahdettin IŞIK Institute of Alliance of Civilisations Institute Director
Lecturer Muhammet Furkan ALPAT Director of the School of Foreign Languages
Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Akın BULUT Faculty of Educational Sciences/Senator Member
Prof. Dr. Şükrü YILDIZ Faculty of Law/Senator Member
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet KARANFİLOĞLU Faculty of Communication/Senator Member
Prof. Dr. Halil BERKTAY Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences/Senator Member
Dr. Lecturer İhsan KAHVECİ Faculty of Islamic Sciences/Senator Member
Prof. Dr. Ümit HACIOĞLU Faculty of Management Sciences/Senator Member
Sebahattin BELİK Secretary General / Rapporteur
Abdullah MANTICI Student Representative
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