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Board Of Directors

According to Article 6 of the Regulation on Academic Organization in Universities, the university board of directors is chaired by the president and consists of deans and three professors elected by the senate for four years to represent the different teaching units and fields affiliated to the university. The president calls the board of directors to a meeting when necessary. The vice-presidents may attend the board meetings without the right to vote.

Duties: The university board of directors is an auxiliary body to the president in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

  1. To assist the rector in the implementation of the decisions of higher education supreme institutions and the senate in line with the plans and programs determined,
  2. To ensure the implementation of activity plans and programs, to examine the investment program and the draft budget, taking into account the proposals of the units affiliated to the university, and to submit it to the Office of the president together with its own proposals,
  3. To take decisions on matters related to the administration of the University to be brought by the president,
  4. To examine and finalize the objections to the decisions of the faculty, institute and college executive boards,
  5. To perform other duties assigned by law and regulations.

Board Members

Adı Soyadı Görevi
Prof. Atilla ARKAN Rector / Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences / Dean of the Faculty of Law
Prof. Ali YEŞİLIRMAK Vice President / Vice Dean, School of Education / Member
Prof. Mustafa Kemal YILMAZ Vice President / Dean, School of Business
Prof. İzzet BOZKURT Vice Dean, School of Communication
Prof. Halil BERKTAY Member
Prof. Muhittin KAPLAN Member
Sebahattin BELİK Rapporteur, Secretary General