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Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

Ibn Haldun University is committed to providing a positive learning, working and living environment for all its members and adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Being subjected to non-consensual sexual behavior and violence not only negatively affects an individual's learning and working life, but can also negatively affect their mental and physical health and cause traumatic effects. Sexual harassment and assault is not only a violation of rights, but also a criminal offense.

The university is committed to not condoning sexual harassment and assault in any form and encourages individuals who encounter or witness such situations to take the necessary steps. In addition, the university is committed to raising awareness of sexual harassment, providing stakeholders with measures and support mechanisms to address sexual harassment, informing them about disciplinary actions, and effectively following up on cases of sexual harassment.

Issues such as harassment, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, psychological violence, physical violence and addictions are included in the "University Student Code of Conduct". Students can apply to REDAM regarding the issues included in the Code of Conduct. The process is followed by REDAM.

Faculty members or employees who are subjected to harassment, sexual harassment, dating violence, persistence, psychological violence, physical violence, and addictions shall immediately apply to the Legal Compliance Committee.