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Our Students Support Palestine Protests in the US

Our Students Support Palestine Protests in the US
Students of our university came together to support the ongoing pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protests in prominent universities in the United States.

On Friday, May 3, our students gathered in the campus garden after Friday prayers and made a statement in the context of the pro-Palestinian protests that have been going on in the last few weeks at the best universities in the United States, expressing their support for Palestine and the protests in favor of Palestine. Our students, who took action under the title “Campuses Stand Up for Gaza, Long Live the Global Intifada”, underlined their belief that the conscience of humanity will defeat Zionism in the statement in which they expressed their greetings from Ibn Haldun University to the Palestinian protests that started at Columbia University and spread in waves across the United States, and that they support both conscientious university students in America and the mujahideen and Hamas in Gaza. 

Our students stated that the current protests are not only unsettling America, but also Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu made a statement about the protests in US universities the other day, stating that he found the demonstrations horrible and wanted them to end as soon as possible. They added that they hope that these protests that frighten the murderer Netenyahu will inspire the whole world and that these protests will be instrumental in breaking the silence in Turkish universities.