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IPAM is Still in the Field on the 1st Year of the Earthquake

IPAM is Still in the Field on the 1st Year of the Earthquake
Ibn Haldun University Psychotherapy Application and Research Center (IPAM) continues its psychosocial support services in Adıyaman on the 1st anniversary of the February 6 Earthquake that shook our country deeply.

Ibn Haldun University Psychotherapy Practice and Research Center (IPAM), which formed a team of earthquake relief volunteers within its own organization within the scope of emergency aid efforts for Adıyaman following the 2 major earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, 2023, has been continuing psychosocial support services in Adıyaman, one of the cities where the earthquake was experienced most severely, for exactly one year. 

The IPAM team, which arrived in the region after the earthquake, first provided psychosocial support to the earthquake victims in the region with its staff of 53 mental health experts. IPAM provided a total of 5458 Psychosocial Support Services with interventions such as psychological first aid and psychosocial support activities within the framework of the first field studies carried out, and in this way, IPAM tries to respond to the urgent psychosocial support needs of earthquake victims.

Adıyaman Psychotherapy Center Became Operational 

After the first emergency interventions, our team made preparations to meet the psychotherapy needs seen and requested in the field and to prepare for the next process. In this context, Ibn Haldun University, Zakat Foundation of America, Adıyaman Governorship and AFAD have been instrumental in the realization of Adıyaman Psychotherapy Center.

In the Psychotherapy Center established in Adıyaman since the February 6 Earthquake, 13 experts from IPAM staff provided a total of 3441 therapy services to 987 people, support services to 255 volunteers and official employees, and psychoeducation services to 145 people in a 7-month period.

Ibn Haldun University Psychotherapy Application and Research Center (IPAM) team continues to meet the psychological needs of earthquake victims online by continuing online therapy services since November 2023.

Within the framework of this valuable cooperation, which provides an important support network for the psychosocial empowerment of earthquake victims, our relief efforts in the earthquake region continue.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our team for coming together under the roof of IPAM and showing a strong example of solidarity in this difficult process, and on the anniversary of the February 6 Earthquake, we wish Allah’s mercy to our citizens who lost their lives and our condolences to their relatives.