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18 Programs Awarded International Accreditation by FIBAA

18 Programs Awarded International Accreditation by FIBAA
As Ibn Haldun University, the FIBAA accreditation process, which we entered with the aim of bringing the quality of education to an international level, has been successfully completed.

As a result of the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) process, which started in September 2022, a total of 18 undergraduate and graduate programs we applied to were accredited to FIBAA until March 2029. Our programs that qualified for accreditation are as follows:

  • Business Administration Undergraduate Program
  • Master of Business Administration (English) Program
  • Master of Business Administration (Turkish) Program
  • Air Transport Management MA Program
  • Big Data and Business Analytics MA Program
  • Doctorate Program in Business Administration
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program
  • Psychology Undergraduate Program
  • Philosophy Undergraduate Program
  • Sociology Undergraduate Program
  • Comparative Literature Undergraduate Program
  • History Undergraduate Program
  • Islamic Sciences Undergraduate Program Program
  • New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program
  • Political Science and International Relations Undergraduate Program
  • Law Undergraduate Program
  • Economics Undergraduate Program
  • Financial Economics MA Program

Starting in 2022, the FIBAA team made two separate site visits in November 2023. The first visit was on November 8-9 and the second visit was on November 27-28.

About FIBAA Accreditation 

FIBAA accreditation is a prestigious document that certifies the quality of a university's education on an international level. Moreover, accreditation is a system of continuous monitoring of this quality, showing that a university's educational programs, faculty and infrastructure meet certain standards. This guarantees students and employers that graduates have a certain level of knowledge and skills. FIBAA accreditation thus proves the quality of a university's education and its compliance with internationally recognized standards.

As Ibn Haldun University, receiving FIBAA accreditation is an indication that we are committed to the quality of the university's education and that we continue to continuously improve this quality. This achievement confirms the quality of education that our university offers to its students at an international level and further strengthens Ibn Haldun University on the global education scene. 

Our Focus on Development and Commitment to Education at International Standards Recognized

In his first statement on FIBAA accreditation, Rector Prof. Atilla Arkan emphasized the importance of quality and accreditation, stating that the accreditation of our university shows the importance we attach to the quality of education and our focus on continuous improvement, and that this accreditation supports our commitment to providing our students with an education at international standards. Prof. Arkan stated that FIBAA accreditation also offers students and parents the opportunity to choose a reliable educational institution. 

The importance of FIBAA accreditation in this respect is that it certifies the quality of a university's education to international standards and is open to continuous improvement. This accreditation will help the university to improve the quality of education and become more internationally recognized.

Ibn Haldun University has once again certified its quality with FIBAA accreditation.