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Ibn Haldun Academy, Which Hosted Participants in 22 Different Sessions For 6 Weeks, Has Been Completed

Ibn Haldun Academy, Which Hosted Participants in 22 Different Sessions For 6 Weeks, Has Been Completed
Ibn Haldun Academy, an event project that invites university students from all over Turkey who are devotedly trying to read our country and the world to think together around qualified thematic agendas, ended after the sessions held today.

Ibn Haldun Academy, the first of which was organized last year around the theme of “Aesthetics”, hosted seminars and conferences around the theme of “Diluted Times” on Saturdays between April 27 and June 1 this year.

Ibn Haldun Academy, which has reached students and graduates from 131 different universities across the country as of its second year and stands out with this year's theme “Diluted Times”, ended after the sessions held today and the presentation of the Incentive Awards. 

Ibn Haldun Academy, where valuable and well-equipped guests conveyed their knowledge within the framework of different and subtle topics every week, again discussed extremely important and memorable issues in its last week. 

Good Life Means Good Disappointment Management

In the first session of the last week of the Academy, “Psychotherapy and Beyond: Which Human, Which Method?” in the continuation of the seminar series, Dr. Taha Burak Toprak continued his interactive speech on verses and psychotherapy last week with the theme of hadiths and psychotherapy this week. 

Touching on how hadiths can be interpreted in terms of their contribution to psychotherapy and personal awareness, Dr. Toprak stated that the point that the science of psychotherapy has reached today is that the world is a painful experience and that we can get rid of suffering to the extent that we can accept it. 

Emphasizing that a good life itself, just like marriage and other human situations that happen to us, is about good frustration management, Toprak mentioned that frustration management is the first step to happiness in our world where nothing is perfect and absolute happiness is impossible. 

In his speech, he ended his seminar by adding that the words he uses while thinking to himself are effective in the inner development of human beings and if we use the word “Education” used by Islamic philosophers and scholars for the world test instead of “My life”, our inner development will evolve in that direction. 

The Institute for the Adjustment of Clocks is a Mirror of Change Across the Country 

After Dr. Taha Burak Toprak, followed by the seminar “Time and Space in Tanpınar and Halide Edib”, Dr. Nagihan Haliloğlu, Lecturer at the Department of Comparative Literature of our University, talked about Ahmed Hamdi Tanpınar's book “Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü”, one of his well-known works. 

Dr. Haliloğlu stated that the hypothetical institute, which was established in order to make all the clocks across the country show the same time at the same time, emphasizes the wave created by the transition from the Ottoman order to the Republican order throughout the country, and added that there are many lessons to be learned from Tanpınar's language and literature, which has much deeper aspects besides this inference. 

Ibn Haldun Academy 2024: Diluted Times ended with a lecture titled “State and Ideal in Mustafa Kutlu's Works” by Prof. Ümran Ay, Lecturer at Marmara University Department of Turkish Language and Literature, in which she commemorated the precious writer Mustafa Kutlu. 

We Are Not Aware of The Technology That Speaks to Us in A Speed-Oriented and Imperative Way 

Prof. Ay started his lecture by commemorating the poet and writer Fethi Gemuhluoğlu and asked the participants to stop for a while and pay attention to the language used against us by the applications they spend hours every day. 

Drawing attention to the language spoken by applications that surrender to presentism and speed such as “win now, win now, click send, send instantly”, Ay drew attention to the language and ideology we are exposed to in today's consumer society and how we have normalized it.  

In the continuation of her conference, Prof. Ümran Ay, who included couplets from divan literature as the opposite of this language and ideology, emphasized the beauty of the science of eloquence by discussing the divan poetry's couplets in terms of language and meaning with the participants. 

Prof. Ümran Ay commented on the author's understanding of the concept of “Hududullah” in her speech in which she mentioned Mustafa Kutlu's books “Against the Current” and “Don't Exceed Yourself”, and concluded her conference and thus the last session of Ibn Haldun Academy with the theme of Diluted Times by reading the poem “İncitme” by Abdurrahim Karakoç, which is mentioned in Hüseyin Kutlu's stories and books. 

Before the closing and award ceremony, certificates were presented to 284 participants who were entitled to receive Certificates of Participation.