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Philosophy of Quality Discussed at Wednesday Meetings

Philosophy of Quality Discussed at Wednesday Meetings
In this session of the Wednesday Meetings series, where academics of our university come together on a different intellectual issue every month, the philosophy of quality was discussed.

On March 6, 2024, our Rector Prof. Atilla Arkan participated in the Philosophy of Quality seminar at the Wednesday Meetings, which will provide the participants with basic information about the philosophy of quality and emphasize the importance of creating a quality-oriented culture. 

In the event, where Dr. Merve Şahin, Faculty Member of the Department of Business Administration of our University, was the moderator and Prof. Selim Zaim was the speaker, issues such as the definition and importance of quality, the basic principles of quality management, quality improvement tools, quality culture and business performance, tools used to identify the root causes of problems, processes and techniques of quality improvement, the impact of quality culture on business performance were analyzed.

In the session, which took the form of a mutual exchange of ideas, the creation and maintenance of a quality culture within the enterprise, successful applications of quality philosophy and success stories, the effects of quality philosophy in different sectors, the doyen of quality, Dr. William Edwards Deming's 14 rules and the importance of change from a quality perspective were also discussed.

Today's Precious Metal is Knowledge

Referring to Deming's System in 4 main points, Prof. Selim Zaim evaluated quality from the perspectives of system approach, understanding of changes, value of information and psychology (motivation). Stating that today's gold is now information, Prof. Zaim said that information is more valuable than oil and land in the eyes of superpowers and that all wars are planned on obtaining information. 

The event, which also included brainstorming on the necessity of qualification in leading management, ended with mutual consultations.