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QatarDebate Center Launches 'QatarDebate Majlis' at Ibn Haldun University in Türkiye

QatarDebate Center Launches 'QatarDebate Majlis' at Ibn Haldun University in Türkiye
In a momentous occasion aimed at fortifying the robust ties between Qatar and Turkish educational institutions, QatarDebate Center, an initiative of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, inaugurated the "QatarDebate Majlis" at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul on December 20. The gathering, which included Ibn Haldun University president, distinguished personalities, and representatives from QatarDebate Center, marked a pivotal moment in the cultural exchange and collaboration between the two nations.

Professor Atilla Arkan, the President of Ibn Haldun University, initiated the discussions by underlining the deep-rooted cultural and historical connections between Qatar and Türkiye. He emphasized the importance of fostering these relations not only within the educational and cultural realms but also in the broader regional context. Professor Arkan underscored the pivotal role that collaborations between Qatar and Türkiye play in promoting stability, understanding, and cooperation in the region.

Following Professor Arkan's remarks, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Subai, the Director of Programs at QatarDebate Center, reiterated the purpose of the QatarDebate Majlis, emphasizing its role as a bridge for cultural exchange and dialogue. Al Subai highlighted that the majlis aligns with QatarDebate’s mission to promote debates in the Arabic language, fostering interaction and understanding among enthusiasts of the Arabic language.

The attendees expressed their joy at the majlis's inauguration, acknowledging its traditional Qatari design that authentically represents the rich cultural tapestry of Qatar. Professor Arkan and Mr. Al Subai jointly stressed the collaborative spirit and the positive impact such initiatives have in cultivating a deeper understanding between the people of Qatar and Türkiye. They extended sincere thanks to the Qatari consulate in Türkiye for their consistent support, recognizing the consulate's vital role in facilitating and strengthening cultural projects and activities.