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We Strengthen Our International Connections with Our Visits in Azerbaijan

We Strengthen Our International Connections with Our Visits in Azerbaijan
Taking an important step towards developing international academic cooperation, the representatives of our University made a series of high-level visits and signed various agreements in Azerbaijan.

The delegation of our University, led by our Rector Prof. Atilla Arkan, continues to strengthen the overseas connections of our University with inter-institutional cooperation agreements by making various contacts in Azerbaijan. 

Important Participation in the 7th General Assembly of the Union of Turkish Universities

Our representatives attended the 7th General Assembly of the Union of Turkic Universities (TÜRKUNIB) held at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on May 20, 2024. The General Assembly was organized with the aim of establishing stronger links between universities in Turkic states.   The event witnessed intensive consultations aimed at increasing inter-university cooperation and establishing new cooperation projects. The Plenary Session provided a platform for representatives to share their strategies and thoughts on strengthening academic and research cooperation.

Strategic Agreement with Azerbaijan Center for Analysis of International Relations

The second important stop of the delegation was the Azerbaijan International Relations Analysis Center. On May 20, 2024, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed involving leading researchers from Turkey and Azerbaijan. The agreement focuses on future cooperation projects and bilateral research and academic initiatives.  This partnership is expected to facilitate deeper intellectual and cultural exchanges and enhance the academic expertise of both countries.

In the context of the visit, “Azerbaijan-Turkey Relations: Within the Framework of the Organization of Turkic States” was held in the context of the visit. Prominent academics from both countries took part in the seminar. Discussions were held on the strategic, economic and cultural links between Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as future cooperation opportunities within the framework of the Organization of Turkic States.

Cooperation with Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy

In order to expand the scope of cooperation, the delegation signed an important agreement with the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy. The agreement which has been signed on 21th May 2024, focuses on academic activities and student exchange programs in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. It also envisages the establishment of joint academic work and close cooperation in the field of law. This initiative is expected to lead to innovative research results and practical applications in aviation technology and law.

The visits and agreements demonstrate Ibn Haldun University's commitment to expanding its international reach and increasing its global academic partnerships. The University aims to continue its proactive approach towards building strong networks that contribute to excellence in academic research. These agreements mark a new milestone in international cooperation efforts and pave the way for future educational and research partnerships that students and faculties can benefit from.